Marlin million

Marlin Harrington is the epitome of Dance. Marlin brings a fresh and explosive pop to the art of Dance through his innovative and state of the art choreography.


Millionaire Dance Acandemy offers unique dance classes, inspiring each individual to perform at their very best.


“Here at MoveMillions we believe in inspiring artist to follow their dreams and love recognizing those who are truly a inspiration to this world."

Our craft

A deeper look inside the art that is dance.

our mission:

"Turn your mess into a message"

-Marlin Million

     Welcome to the official website of MoveMillions. Choreographer and Entrepreneur Marlin Million is on a mission to inspire  millions to follow their dreams and pursue their passions one movement at a time. Learn how to turn  your 'MESS' into a' MESSAGE' and follow the road to success by overcoming all obstacles no matter how big or small!

Live Your truth, Follow your dreams ! Move Millions!